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Lost Formula

to Happiness

Welcome to a truly simple formula for discovering happiness, inner peace & the true nature of your mind... P.E.R.L.O.V.E. starts with only six minutes a day!


Hello. I'm Holly.

Anxiety, worthlessness, and shame were my struggles of choice. Whatever yours may be, this formula can really help you. Please join me on this journey to personal freedom, power, and joy. 


Here's how to uncover the LOST FORMULA to HAPPINESS within Yourself...


Uncover the Lost Formula to Happiness within Yourself with P.E.R.L.O.V.E. 


Here's a gift of practice, intention & meditation ...

"HOME"by Meadowmaker 

Play this over and over again . . .

for what we repeat to ourselves can set us free.

Don't have Spotify? Please go to this link. 

Forged in ancient teachings and from modern gurus, the mindfulness practices of P.E.R.L.O.V.E. give a nod to Buddhism, secular spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience. This transformational and straightforward set of instructions starts with the cerebral practices of P.E.R. (Pledge, Evaluate & Recognize) where you're introduced to your own T.E.F. (Thoughts, Emotions & Feelings). And concludes with L.O.V.E. (Locate, Open, Vest & Expand), the more spiritual part of the formula, where we look at what remains when the T.E.F. is removed - the true nature of your mind. Explore formula offerings or check out a sneak preview of the practices below…

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